University of Hertfordshire – Strategic Marketing Projects

“Curious Consultancy have been working with the Hertfordshire Business School on a long term marketing plan, to take this business facing, internationally renowned, business school to the next level.” 

Professor Damian Ward – Dean of Hertfordshire Business School

We have been briefed on a number of projects across several of the Universities schools: School of Education, School of Health, Social Work and the Business School. The scope and content of the projects were varied and extensive, as can be seen below:

  • School of Education: Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors (CIEA): Strategic Marketing Review and Membership Research Project.

An extensive review into the CIEA it’s services, members and current plans. This included an extensive research component which included quantitative and qualitative research which was used to underpin and validate the project outcomes and strategic recommendations. The project was concluded with an extensive strategic marketing report, highlighting the opportunities and resource recommendations to move the business forward.

  • School of Health and Social Work : School narrative project.

Working closely with central marketing and communications, in addition the Dean of the School of Health and Social Work, our  brief was to research and recommend a new narrative for the school. To be used to underpin the new brand direction. Essentially recommending and articulating the essence of the school and how this narrative could be used to communicate the School’s USP’s, therefore appealing to the existing student community but notably to attract and recruit new students. Our recommendations were then used to brief into the creative process arriving at a new brand direction and tone of voice for the school.

  • Hertfordshire Business School: Recommending the current and future strategic marketing direction for the Business School. ( 6 month project)

With competition for Undergraduate and Post Graduate applicants being stronger than ever, Curious Consultancy were asked to review, research and recommend the new direction for the business school. With the objective of communicating the school’s USP’s, thus attracting and recruiting new students. The project consisted of an in-depth research component amongst key internal stakeholders, a competitor review, assessment of current marketing plans and recommendations surrounding strategic plans and tactics to engage with the prospective student community.

“Curious Consultancy have delivered an in-depth environmental audit, internally and externally, coupled with close integration of the overall business school strategic plan, to deliver a long term strategic marketing plan. In addition to a new positioning concept to communicate the business schools many USP’s.”

Professor Damian Ward – Dean of Hertfordshire Business School.


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