Welcome to our Survive, Awaken, Grow series. A free resource, built to support businesses during this Global pandemic. We appreciate it’s a terribly difficult, overwhelming and worrying time for many businesses. As a consequence we have built this series to support businesses, provoke thought, provide clarity and spark some interesting ( we hope) conversations that will fuel your business, align your teams and to come out of this crisis fighting!

Each week we will be releasing a different chapter, covering a number of key areas of business, based on our experience of working with our existing clients and working for global brands. To bring your business out of hibernation and to plan for future growth.  

We hope you find it useful, please do get in touch with us if you would like to hear more about what we do. Or would like to pick our brains as part of our free 30 minute consultation. 

Chapter 1 : Leadership

Today we kick off with leadership:Greg Bateman and Charlotte Dennis, introduce some frameworks and resources they have found to provide them and our clients at Curious with guidance and clarity, mixed with examples and case studies of how these theories and thoughts come to mind. 

Chapter 2 : People

In our second Chapter of the Survive, Awaken and Grow series we explore ‘People’. Specifically how organisations need to engage with their people more than ever, in a working environment which is becoming ever more virtual. How organisations can build abundance by empowering and growing their teams.

Chapter 3: The 14 Dimensions of Successful Brands!

The 14 Dimensions of Successful Brands! Marketing is a necessary, but sometimes misunderstood and complex business discipline. I have dedicated my career to 'marketing', this mythical creature which has many facets, is constantly evolving and one which requires a lot...

Chapter 4: Resilience Through Purpose Driven Planning

Chapter 4: Resilience Episode 4: At a time when we have all been put through our paces, facing decisions to ensure the survival of not only business but our own mental health Greg shares his insights and some tips on how he tackles mental resilience! It might surprise...

Chapter 5: Purpose

Chapter 5: Purpose  Mandy Ayres talks to Greg and Charlotte in the latest episode of our: Survive, Awaken, Grow series. A free resource we've built to help support our clients and other businesses at this strange and uncertain time. Mandy speaks about the importance...


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