Chapter 5: Purpose 

 Mandy Ayres talks to Greg and Charlotte in the latest episode of our: Survive, Awaken, Grow series. A free resource we’ve built to help support our clients and other businesses at this strange and uncertain time. Mandy speaks about the importance of establishing and defining it’s purpose. Whether you’re a global brand, an SME or a start-up. Being clear on the reason why you’re in business, will give you great clarity at times of uncertainty. Mandy imparts her wisdom with some top tips, all of which are easily adapted and achievable. Mandy also talks about a super interesting read, co-authored by Mandy’s friend and colleague Lisa McCallum ( please see link below). As always want to hear more, or need further support, please get in touch. 


“If you come from an authentic and purposeful place, you will get the support from the crowd, they will help you work out the solutions.”

“Don’t let perfection get in the way of progress”


Mandy Ayres 



Mandy references this wonderful book in this episode. Mandy’s good friend and colleague Lisa MacCullum has co-authored this book using her experience from working with global brands on defining and delivering their purpose. Lisa believes that all organisations should have a purpose and why it’s instrumental in business survival.


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