Nimbus Hosting: Strategic Marketing Planning

“Curious Consultancy have been fundamental at helping us build and execute our marketing strategy.”

Tim Dunton – Founder & CEO Nimbus Hosting

Nimbus Hosting approached Curious Consultancy in their search for a marketing consulting service, which could help them increase their reach, raise awareness of their brand and to accelerate their business. We have been working with Nimbus Hosting since 2017 on their short, medium and long term plans. Using our marketing mentor / consulting hybrid. The premise of which is to equip the business with strategic marketing expertise, often seen at a C-Suite or Chief Marketing Officer level, to lead their strategic marketing planning process, in addition to up-skilling and developing the marketing team. Our deliverables have included:

  • Segmentation: A great deal of the work conducted by Curious, starts with understanding the consumer. We assisted Nimbus in getting under the skin of their target market, their competitor environment alongside the uniqueness of their new product offering: Storm. Enabling the business to be much more focussed and strategic on their integrated communications plan.
  • Integrated marketing communications plan: Short, medium, long term.
  • Marketing mentorship of marketing team.
  • Sales Acquisition.
  • CRM Management.
  • Strategic planning: Working closely with other areas of the business to create some tangible and robust growth plans. Generated from the heat of the brand.

We deliver this via bi-weekly mentor / coaching / consulting sessions, in addition to weekly 121 calls to ensure the project plan is on track.

The results have meant clarity, focus and a future proofed marketing plan.


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