Business POD's

Bigger Plan’s. Clearer Decisions. Faster Growth.

Our Curious business POD’s are ideal for organisations who require consulting support, but prefer more of a coaching, mentor based approach.

We understand that business owners sometimes require advice, guidance and support outside of their communities. We understand that often decisions need to be made, but at times the pathway to the right decision is unclear. We understand that business owners may not always have the answers.

How do they work?

6 Months

Each POD last 6 months from start to finish. You of course have the option to extend the duration of your support.

4 per POD

You will be joined by 4 other POD members, other businesses we try and match based on your industry, challenges and the support you need. Each POD is chaired by a POD leader: One of our consulting team here at Curious.

Discovery Session & Road Map

Before you join your POD you will have a discovery session, a 121 with your POD leader to understand more about your business, your opportunities and challenges. After this session a discovery report will be prepared, this forms the basis of the POD plan. Mutually agreed between you and your POD leader. This plan is your road map for the duration of the POD. This will be supported with clear objectives and KPI’s as the plan takes shape.

POD Hangout

Chaired by your POD leader and attended by your POD members you will attend your bi-weekly POD sessions via ZOOM. You will work through a series of challenges and opportunities you have identified. This session gives you the opportunity for peer based learning, looking to your POD members and POD leader to support you in finding the answers to your challenges.


You will have a one hour 121 with your POD leader once a month. This is to ensure you keep on track, plus it is an opportunity to ask specific questions in relation to your plan.

Communications & Tools

You will be able to email your POD leader any time. You don’t have to wait for your 121 or POD hangout to be able to access your POD leader. It’s important to us that you feel you are supported and get guidance when needed. Additionally we will equip you with tools, templates and trackers which are shared in your own Trello board.

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What our clients say: 

Curious Consultancy’s impact on our business has been immediate and clear.  Charlotte has helped us understand the potential of marketing within our business, guiding us as we look to plan and execute practical strategies for our branding and communications.

Founder : YourTradebase


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