Having worked for Coca-Cola, Disney & Nike for 19 years, in varying Senior leadership roles, across brand and commercial functions. I started wondering… what the world outside of US mega brands was like? I never took my career for granted. I feel immensely lucky to have had the opportunity to learn and grow with these global power houses. I started to become “Curious”. “Curious” about pursuing my passions for consulting and teaching. I was “Curious” about the way in which large corporates do business.

Having worked for three large US brands, I started to wonder if there was another way to do business, another way to build a business plan, understand a consumer, build a forecast, plan a marketing campaign. So the word “Curious” kept popping up. When it came to creating a company it was right there in front of me… “Curious”.

We aim to impart our expertise from multiple disciplines across marketing and sales to understand, enhance and maximise your business potential. Whether you’re looking to reposition your brand, diversify your business into new markets and sectors, refine your retail strategy or to understand how to build a a long term brand underpinned by a strong culture. Then look no further.

The concept of enlightenment and questioning is converted into the multi-faceted approach of “Curious Consultancy.” A flexible, building block approach to grow your business, understand your consumer, build your retail estate. If you’re interested? Have more questions than answers? The answer is in front of you, it just needs uncovering…

“Curious” – informed, modern, vibrant, humble.

Charlotte Dennis
Founder and Director


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